Working Toward 100% Renewable Energy in Madison

Guidehouse helped the City of Madison, Wisconsin, develop strategies and analysis to achieve its energy and emissions goals

In 2017, Madison, Wisconsin, set a goal of achieving 100% renewable energy and zero net carbon emissions. To deliver on its plan, the city engaged Guidehouse to develop strategies and an analysis that would steer them toward the future.

For Madison, Guidehouse identified demand-side and supply-side options for facilities, operations, and transportation, and worked to engage stakeholders — including local investor-owned utilities, the business community, and nonprofit organizations — online and through public meetings. 

“This effort was in line with the city’s goal of a sustainable leadership role for the larger community, and to illustrate that leadership around US and global cities,” said Noah Goldstein, director at Guidehouse. 

Guidehouse also developed three timelines for the city to reach its goals. These timelines were supported by financial and environmental analyses to compare costs and the impacts of demand-side and supply-side options.

  • The first scenario envisions success by 2020 and relies heavily on investing outside the city. 
  • The second hits the city’s target by 2023 and requires more local investment. 
  • The third reaches the city’s goal by 2030 and requires additional investment with immediate impact.

Guidehouse's analysis and recommendations are detailed in a report recently released by the city.

Read the City of Madison Report
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