Accelerating Intelligent Building Growth through Power over Ethernet

In an LEDs Magazine article, Guidehouse Insights explains how PoE addresses sustainability and occupant comfort

Commercial building occupants are increasingly demanding a more customized, comfortable, and smart building experience. Some building owners are responding by adopting Power over Ethernet technologies that enable smart building solutions and meet energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

In a LEDs Magazine article, Guidehouse Insights’ Krystal Maxwell, senior research analyst, said PoE garnered most of its success from use in IP-connected phones, Wi-Fi access points, and cameras. Today, the growing intelligent building market uses PoE in connected lighting, sensors, and other building controls.

Despite PoE’s benefits to intelligent building applications, deployment is still limited due to barriers such as market awareness, cost, IT/OT (operational technology) convergence, and an unclear value proposition.

“The past few years, vendors have worked to educate clients and gain contracts using PoE for intelligent building applications,” Maxwell said. “While the number of actual PoE projects has been limited, 2020 has the potential to be the breakthrough year.”

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