Best Practices in Sustainable Supplier Engagement

In Ethical Corporation, Navigant, a Guidehouse company, explains how sustainability can be a game-changer in procurement

Front-running companies are exploring ways on how to best engage with their suppliers to realize their sustainability ambitions in the supply chain. Taking responsibility for the impact arising upstream makes business sense and is good from an environmental point of view. Yet supply chain management is complex due to the large number of players, the lack of available data, and the limited influence on decisions made by suppliers.

In an article for Ethical Corporation, Guidehouse's Jeroen Scheepmaker and Caspar Noach, associate directors, and Annemarie Kerkhof, managing consultant, identified seven best practices for implementing a sustainable supplier engagement program.

The experts highlight the need for commitment throughout the organization, how a smart pre-selection of suppliers makes engagement manageable and explain how incentives and monitoring can be optimized.

“Sustainability can be a game-changer in procurement policies”, wrote the authors. “It is important for companies to anticipate these upcoming changes by starting to develop a sustainable supplier engagement strategy and reap the benefits of a green supply chain.”
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