Beyond the Electron: Electrified Transportation

In episode six of the podcast series, Guidehouse explains how a customer focus is critical to unlocking the benefits of electric transportation

beyond the electron 


Guidehouse’s podcast series, Beyond the Electron: The Energy Cloud, investigates the rapid transformation of the global energy system. Presented in partnership with Utility Dive, the podcast explores the emerging Energy Cloud and its key components of customer-centric platforms.

In episode six, Derek Jones, director in Guidehouse’s global Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure practice, is joined by Doug McMahon, head of eMobility & Grid Flexibility at New York Power Authority, to discuss electric vehicles and the role they will play in the global energy transformation.  

During the podcast, Jones and McMahon said transportation will play a large part in the world’s effort to decarbonize. For electric vehicles to become mainstream, though, the priorities, concerns, and experiences of drivers will be key to increasing adoption.


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