Binding Criteria Needed for Sustainable Green Hydrogen

In an article for Euractiv, Guidehouse discusses vital criteria for potential green synthetic fuel regulations

Renewable electricity-based fuels, also known as synfuels, such as green hydrogen will likely be indispensable for the decarbonized energy systems of the future. However, as synfuel production requires large amounts of electricity, a scaled-up production could create significant amounts of CO2 if that electricity was sourced from fossil fuels.

In an article for Euractiv, Guidehouse’s Corinna Klessmann, director, Jonas Schröder and Felix von Blücher, senior consultants, explained why legally binding criteria are essential to ensure that synfuels help the climate.

With the world apparently at the brink of a massive synfuel scale-up, policymakers must act to create clear, binding regulations ensuring that synfuels deliver carbon emission reductions and not emission increases,” wrote the authors.

Next to discussing the most important criteria for potential green synthetic fuel regulations, the authors also described what companies must keep in mind to avoid locking into risky, CO2-intensive pathways.

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