Broadening Guidehouse’s Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure Expertise

In an interview with Public Utilities Fortnightly, Guidehouse leaders discuss the capabilities of its recently expanded ES&I segment

In October 2019, Guidehouse merged with Navigant Consulting, creating Guidehouse’s Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure (ES&I) segment.

In the May issue of Public Utilities Fortnightly (PUF), Guidehouse’s Jan Vrins, leader of the global ES&I segment, and Dan Hahn, recently appointed leader of the ES&I’s Energy Providers practice, sat down with PUF’s Steve Mitnick, editor, to discuss the expanded segment’s added capabilities and vision for the future.

“We want to continue to innovate for our clients and apply our broad skills and capabilities to solve our clients’ most complex issues, shape the future, and make the world a better place,” Vrins said.

Guidehouse’s ES&I segment combines the expertise of legacy Navigant’s Energy practice with expanded capabilities in sustainability and infrastructure to help clients successfully navigate some of the world’s biggest problems.

“I want our clients to look to us as the people they call, reach out to, and engage on a strategic level for all the challenges they have,” Hahn added.

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