Executive Pulse Survey Findings: Impacts of COVID-19

Guidehouse surveyed 100 executives to identify key business continuity pathways for recovery and resiliency

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented economic disruption for businesses in the near and long-term, with the impacts spanning all sectors as business leaders tread into uncharted territory. 

To help leadership understand and prepare for recovery efforts, Guidehouse conducted a 17-question survey to identify top of mind trends and share experiences faced by business leaders. Over 100 private and public sector executives participated in the survey to share how COVID-19 has disrupted their industries and the strategies they’re using to cope with unforeseen challenges. 

The Impacts of COVID-19 Executive Pulse Survey resulted in two key findings: significant uncertainty confounds decision-making in the short-term, and there are clear paths forward and opportunities to reset legacy paradigms for a more resilient future.  

Guidehouse identified three critical areas of focus for successful recovery and resiliency response:

  1. Execute a flexible work strategy
  2. Retain commitment to long-term goals
  3. Leverage diverse options to reduce costs and reset investments

"As economies re-open, executives face tough decisions as they set priorities for critical investments to get back to work. The results from Guidehouse’s Impacts of COVID-19 Executive Pulse Survey showcase the benefits of investment in technology advancements that reflect dramatic shifts customer and employee demands and offer a pathway to a more sustainable and resilient future," Casey Talon, associate director at Guidehouse.

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