COVID-19 Creates Opportunities for Building Decarbonization

In a GreenBiz article, Guidehouse explains how the coronavirus recovery could create a more sustainable approach to development plans

The global coronavirus pandemic has brought the world’s economy to a standstill, drastically reducing traffic and shifting energy use from commercial to residential buildings. This has resulted in a large reduction in carbon emissions, a promising sign for climate change. 

In a GreenBiz article, Guidehouse’s Casey Talon, associate director, and Carsten Petersdorff, director, discussed how the management of the COVID-19 recovery could create new opportunities for the energy industry and generate a more sustainable approach to development plans.

Talon and Petersdorff explained that planning for uptime is especially important during the pandemic, and encouraged energy, technology service providers, and manufacturers to harness opportunities to engage customers with new business models and partnerships. They also advocated for new synergies between these industries, giving building owners a more fluid and competitive ecosystem. 

Additionally, the two believe that businesses can force positive climate change impacts, especially if building owners and their partners:

  • Shift their priorities to retrofit to get facilities up and running
  • Shift their focus from longer-term new construction to decarbonization through electrification or sustainable district heating

“In the end, we have an unprecedented opportunity to rethink the entire approach to designing, constructing, and managing commercial buildings,” Talon and Petersdorff said. “If the collective of government, business, real estate and shareholders can agree on the importance and benefits of decarbonization priorities, the COVID-19 recovery era can be positive for climate change.”

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