COVID-19's Impact on Distributed Storage

In a Utility Dive article, Guidehouse Insights discussed why the coronavirus pandemic could cause an increased demand for distributed storage

As more people work from home and practice social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the limits of the existing power system are expected to be tested. 

In a Utility Dive article, Guidehouse Insights’ Alex Eller, senior research analyst, discussed why coronavirus is likely to create an uptick in demand for distributed energy resources.

"Whenever we see any kind of disruption like this, whether it's wildfires or hurricanes in different areas or big blackouts… there's always been, following those events, more demand for residential [solar and storage]," Eller said. 

He explained, this is especially true if people lose confidence in utilities’ ability to keep the grid running and that the increase in demand will likely be seen in a few months. 

Once the state has recovered from the effects of the pandemic, distributed storage and renewable resources could also be more in demand because they can be more automated than conventional power plants, Eller said.

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