Electric Bike Sales Surge As Cities Transform Due to COVID-19

In The Verge, Guidehouse Insights discusses the pandemic’s impact on urban mobility

City planners worldwide are looking into new ways to design urban transportation in the COVID-19 era. With public transportation being used less frequently than before, as it often lacks enough access to fresh air and space for social distancing, bicycles have emerged as an ideal mode of transportation because of flexibility and fewer emissions.

In The Verge, Ryan Citron, senior research analyst with Guidehouse Insights, explored the pandemic’s impact on electric bike sales.

“E-bike sales initially got hit pretty hard during lockdowns since many retail stores were closed down,” Citron said. “However, since bike shops have reopened, sales have been increasing rapidly.”

If stores can stay open, Citron expects e-bike sales to keep in line with previous forecasts or slightly surpassing them by the end of the year, “as consumers look for more personal mobility options and physically distanced transport in the age of COVID.”

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