Utility Innovation Expected to Follow COVID-19 Pandemic

In an InsideSources article, Guidehouse says the coronavirus presents an opportunity for utilities to strengthen systems

Throughout history, large global events have been followed by waves of innovation, creativity, and wealth. Once the COVID-19 crisis passes, the world is expected to be in a different place, offering new opportunities to individuals and businesses, including electric utilities.

In an article for InsideSources, Guidehouse’s Michelle Fay, partner, shared how she sees the future of utility evolution. 

During the pandemic, according to the article, utilities have been prominent essential services, and they are already seeing a need to strengthen their systems against both digital and physical disruptions. Fay believes innovation will play a key role in future system hardening. 

“Innovation will emerge as an even bigger opportunity as we look to improve the resiliency of the critical infrastructure and further enhance our ability to provide business continuity in times like this,” she said. 

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