Leveraging Drones Across More Applications

In a Commercial UAV News article, Guidehouse Insights shares how more companies can utilize drones for operational needs now and after the COVID-19 pandemic

As the coronavirus creates unprecedented challenges around the world, companies are looking to new and innovative technologies for solutions.  

In an article for Commercial UAV News, Michael Hartnack, senior research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, shared how drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), can help companies solve problems and contribute to operational improvements during and after the pandemic. 

Hartnack said drones are already being utilized in industries like medicine, energy, and transportation to perform necessary deliveries, inspections, and maintenance, while offering cost reductions and overall efficiency improvement asset. 

According to the article, four key market trends are driving the adoption of UAVs as companies across all industries are expected to: 

  1. Increase their appetite for intelligent automation, data governance, data analytics, and critical infrastructure information
  2. Consolidate and streamline shared services and technology to simplify and reduce the cost of operations and support functions
  3. Seek ways to address the evolving nature of work, roles, and skills while improving asset performance
  4. Desire increased resilience of capital, assets, land, and operational performance 

“UAV providers must reimagine potential business opportunities and partnerships,” Hartnack said. “Asset owners, energy companies, and shipping service providers (among others) have to recognize the benefits that drones bring, which are now emphasized by the impacts of the pandemic.”

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