Mitigating Future Costs of Decarbonization

In a Forbes article, Guidehouse explains how the COVID-19 pandemic presents a financial opportunity for industries to invest in long-term decarbonization

Electricity demand and industrial production have decreased significantly because of the coronavirus outbreak. For many industrial operators, reduced emissions mean lower compliance obligations and more liquid assets. 

In a Forbes article, Guidehouse’s Jan-Martin Rhiemeier, director, and Boris Lagadinov, managing consultant, said companies should consider using their additional cash to long-term decarbonization efforts. 

“Companies can now use the additional funds as an opportunity to undertake decarbonization options that they may have previously lacked sufficient investment budget for,” Rhiemeiersaid. 

The pair shared examples of long-term decarbonization investments such as improving insulation on heat transfer pipelines and the replacement of specific energy intensive assets. 

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