Rethinking the Indoor Air Quality Status Quo

In a Forbes article, Guidehouse Insights explains how COVID-19 is creating new opportunities for improved air quality in green buildings

The recent coronavirus outbreak is putting the spotlight on indoor air quality as commercial buildings look to mitigate the spread of disease and reopen safely.

In a Forbes article, Guidehouse Insights’ Sasha Wedekind, explained why this is a good time to rethink the ventilation and air cleaning status quo in green buildings.  

Inadequate ventilation in US buildings is common, and it stems from long-held energy conservation standards focused on airtight buildings with minimal airflow. However, newer technologies are enabling green buildings to reduce energy consumption while supporting occupant health and comfort.

“Advanced ventilation systems that enable higher airflow from the outside, air quality monitoring platforms and sensors, and new air purification technologies are becoming more common as available solutions in residential and commercial HVAC product bundles,” Wedekind said. 

According to the article, as executives look to safely reopen buildings while still giving people peace of mind, vendors have an opportunity to position themselves as industry leaders by offering solutions that will create clean air and maintain green building practices.

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