Utilizing Healthy Building Solutions for a Safe Workplace Return

In an article for Smart Cities Dive, Guidehouse Insights explains how smart building technology supports employees' return to work post-pandemic

Smart buildings have evolved over the past two decades. With a solid foundation based on improved energy management in place, vendors are now promoting several other occupant-centric insights that enhance productivity. Buildings with these new components are often referred to as “healthy buildings.” 

In an article for Smart Cities Dive, Casey Talon, research director at Guidehouse Insights, explained how healthy building solutions are a key way for business to support employees’ safe return to work after the pandemic.

“Healthy building solutions consist of a mix of indoor air quality, HVAC, and lighting equipment innovations alongside analytics and services,” Talon said. “When these elements are well designed and implemented, they help optimize airflow, monitor and direct space use, and report system performance against metrics that determine compliance with social distancing and public health goals.”

A recent Guidehouse survey of 100 executives about the challenges surrounding the coronavirus pandemic revealed that flexible work is likely to be the future of the workplace. Investing in healthy building solutions is important for making sure return-to-work strategies are executed safely and occupant priorities are met, according to the article.

“When it comes to smart buildings, it is not all about the technologies but the ways those tech offerings can be applied to meet the significant challenges of returning to work in a new environment,” Talon said. “Building owners and executives can benefit from investments in smart building solutions that meet the immediate need for healthy, safe workspaces, and the long-term vision of more sustainable, occupant-centric facilities.”

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