White House Chronicle: Implementing A Sustainable Economic Recovery

Guidehouse discusses the importance of resiliency, a circular approach, and the value of rebuilding a sustainable world economy after the COVID-19 pandemic

Guidehouse has partnered with White House Chronicle to produce a twelve-part television series featuring interviews with industry leaders on the overarching topics of climate change, resiliency, sustainability, and new technologies.

In episode four, part one, Guidehouse's Jan Vrins, global energy, sustainability, and infrastructure segment leader, and Matthew Banks, associate director, discussed with host Llewellyn King how companies, utilities, and cities can work towards decarbonization.  

During their conversation, both Vrins and Banks discussed the importance of working together to rebuild a more sustainable economy once the pandemic is over. Banks explained how Guidehouse is working with Fortune 250 companies to set climate targets, emphasizing the importance of creating circular solutions. Vrins focused on how utilities and cities can use technology to become more resilient and sustainable.  

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