White House Chronicle: An International Approach to Financing Sustainability

Guidehouse discusses why corporations around the world must become more sustainable and resilient following the COVID-19 pandemic


Guidehouse has partnered with White House Chronicle to produce a twelve-part television series featuring interviews with industry leaders on the overarching topics of climate change, resiliency, sustainability, and new technologies.

In episode four, part two, Guidehouse's Preeti Srivastav, director, discussed with host Llewellyn King Europe’s circular economy, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses, and the Green New Deal.  

During the conversation, Srivastav explained the concept of a circular economy and how more corporations and their investors are pushing for long-term sustainable strategies. She said the current coronavirus pandemic is revealing cracks in businesses’ processes, encouraging resiliency rebuilding post pandemic. Srivastav also discussed how sustainability is perceived and practiced differently around the globe.

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