White House Chronicle: Advancing Technology for the Cities of the Future

Guidehouse discusses why technology will be necessary as cities continue to transform in a post-COVID-19 world


Guidehouse has partnered with White House Chronicle to produce a twelve-part television series featuring interviews with industry leaders on the overarching topics of climate change, resiliency, sustainability, and new technologies.

In episode five, Guidehouse's Jan Vrins, global Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure segment leader; Morgan O’Brien, CEO of Anterix; and Clint Vince, chair of the US Energy Practice at Dentons, discussed with host Llewellyn King the benefits of technology advancements for communities, specifically across transportation, the electric grid, and telecommunications.   

During the conversation, Vrins explained how technology is key to a successful circular community, which can lead to smarter infrastructure, increased sustainability, and a better quality of life for residents. He also discussed how building resiliency will be crucial after the coronavirus pandemic, and how technological resiliency, such as for telecommunications and cyber security, will be just as important as physical resiliency for the power grid. 


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