Delivery Bots and Drones Changing Local Commerce

In a Transport Dive article, Guidehouse Insights examines how emerging technologies can improve last-mile logistics

Delivering commercial goods to customers is more common than ever, but the practice has also become increasingly expensive and a key source of pollution.

According to an article in Transport Dive, suppliers in the transport and logistics ecosystems are turning to delivery robots, robotic delivery vehicles, and drones to address both issues.

“These technologies present a compelling opportunity to address the high cost and environmental impact of last-mile logistics (LML),” says Ryan Citron, senior research analyst at Guidehouse Insights. “They can reduce carbon emissions, road congestion, and operational costs, while satisfying customer requirements for on-demand and hyperlocal delivery.”

According to the article, as these technologies continue to develop and become more widespread, the transport and logistics industries are expected to experience the following changes, among others:

  • 30-minute delivery windows will become more common
  • Bots and drones displace hundreds of millions of truck deliveries
  • Local commerce and user experience will transform through on-demand store hailing

“Although delivery bots and drones are often thought of as hyper futuristic, these technologies are emerging as realistic LML solutions that are revolutionizing the way high priority goods such as medical supplies and food are delivered,” Citron added.

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