Identifying Smart Measures and Energy Transition Synergies in Germany's Recovery Package

In a new report, dena and Guidehouse identify areas that are particularly effective for promoting energy and climate goals

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The German government's post-COVID-19 economic recovery package is also an engine for energy and climate policy. The German Energy Agency (dena) and Guidehouse have examined which of the proposed measures in the package are particularly effective to promote energy and climate goals, and where potential synergies deserve special attention in the package’s further specification and implementation.

Within nine identified fields of action relating to energy and climate policy, measures might amount to a financing volume of up to €56 billion, depending on how individual measures of the package are allocated to these fields. It is therefore essential to combine measures and use synergies effectively. In the upcoming implementation of the recovery package, dena and Guidehouse see further room for synergy effects between four complementary goals, namely economic and employment impulses, climate protection, modernization, and support for the sectors particularly affected by the pandemic.

These synergies can be leveraged through smart measures, as over 15 examples presented in the discussion paper show. Effective combinations of, for example, reduced hours compensation and other needs of companies severely affected by lockdowns or social distancing rules, training, energy efficiency refurbishment in buildings, or investment incentives in CO2-neutral industrial production, can make the achievement of the four complementary goals easier.

With their proposals, Guidehouse and dena would like to initiate a debate on how synergies can be systematically developed and expanded in the coming months, and how smartly combined measures can be used to leverage the economic recovery potential of energy and climate policies. 

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