Easing EV Anxiety with AI

In an article for Automotive World, Guidehouse Insights examines how artificial intelligence is helping to calm consumer worries about EV range

While EV range continues to increase across vehicle models, range anxiety remains – and it continues to be a barrier to further EV adoption.

In an article for Automotive World, Bill Hughes, principal research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, says the EV industry is working to ease consumer worries by applying artificial intelligence across a variety of angles.

According to the article, recent AI applications include siting charging stations, developing batteries that store more energy and have longer lifespans, and quickly dispatching tow trucks with the right tools for EVs. Additionally, AI has been used in the development of navigation software that shows all available charging station options and lets drivers know if they might not make it to a destination without charging their batteries.

“The industry is not waiting for non-EV drivers to come to the realization that keeping a vehicle charged is not too hard to manage,” Hughes said. “It is taking a number of proactive steps to limit the likelihood that an EV driver will find themselves in the unpleasant situation of going from range anxiety to range distress.”

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