Global Dataset for Investigating Embedded Emissions and Value at Risk

New data by Guidehouse and The Generation Foundation helps companies quantify embedded emissions and value at risk

Celebrating the successful completion of the Carbon Pricing Unlocked partnership, The Generation Foundation and Guidehouse publish a global dataset on upstream emissions and value added of a wide range of products. The dataset is based on EXIOBASE 3, a detailed multi-regional environmentally extended input-output table, and made available in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The Carbon Pricing Unlocked partnership was launched in 2016 to discover how carbon pricing can facilitate sustainable economic growth. In its first report “Impacts of a Global Carbon Price on Consumption and Value Creation”, the potential value at risk for goods and services due to carbon pricing were explored from a global value chain perspective.

Whilst both businesses and governments are increasingly gaining a better understanding of their own direct emissions, upstream and downstream emissions in global value chains remain difficult to quantify. With the publication of the dataset, Guidehouse and The Generation Foundation aim to provide organizations with a starting point to quantify the greenhouse gas emissions embedded in their products and insights into the value created by each of those products.

Learn more about the dataset background and use in this overview.

Download the Carbon Pricing Unlocked Dataset

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