GM Presents Autonomous Ride-Sharing Vehicle

In a CNBC article, Guidehouse Insights discusses the design and engineering of the new ride-sharing automobile

Cruise, a majority-owned subsidiary of General Motors (GM), recently unveiled Origin – an electric vehicle designed to operate without a driver.

In a CNBC article, Guidehouse Insights’s Sam Abuelsamid, principal research analyst, explained how he expects more companies to unveil similar vehicles in coming months.

“This type of vehicle is what we’re going to be seeing more of from the companies that are in the AV space,” Abuelsamid said, referring to ease of access, spaciousness and other characteristics. “This is exactly the kind of vehicle you need for shared mobility services.”

Regarding the common designs, Abuelsamid believes, “there’s only so much you can do for a box on wheels.” However, he noted that the biggest difference between Origin and other vehicles is under the exterior.

According to company officials, the vehicle’s modular architecture will allow for the interior of the vehicle to be easily changed and new technologies to be added. Abuelsamid compared the vehicle to how the aerospace industry designs airplanes.

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