GM Unveils New Driverless Automobile

In an NBC article, Guidehouse Insights discusses how the new driverless vehicle from GM will differ from other cars

Cruise, a startup largely controlled by General Motors (GM), has plans to reveal its latest driverless vehicle that it wants to eventually use to launch an autonomous ride-sharing service.

In an NBC article, Guidehouse Insights’s Sam Abuelsamid, principal research analyst, explained some of the design plans that went into the new vehicle and how it affects the automobiles appearance.

Cruise was working on a modified version of GM’s Chevrolet Bolt EV, but according to Abuelsamid those plans have been revised. Instead, he expects to see "a purpose-built vehicle ... specifically designed for mobility services, more like a shuttle and better suited for high-volume applications."

The vehicle is expected to be taller, but not much longer than the compact Bolt battery electric vehicle. It is also expected to not have a steering wheel or other manual controls.

The final vehicle is expected to share key electric drive components with the Bolt and to use a modified version of its platform. However, Abuelsamid said the taller, more bus-like "form factor" will make it easier to operate in an urban environment as part of the ride-sharing operation Cruise wants to launch.

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