Making Autonomous Vehicles Safe

In a CNBC article, Guidehouse Insights discusses how an Uber test drive accident slowed the once rapid roll out of autonomous vehicles

Recently, automakers and ride share companies have made plans to deliver on ambitious promises made about autonomous vehicle technologies. However, creating and launching driverless vehicles has been more challenging than originally expected.

In a CNBC article, Guidehouse Insights’ Sam Abuelsamid, principal research analyst, explained how a fatal pedestrian accident in 2018 from an Uber self-driving test vehicle slowed autonomous vehicle production.

“The Uber fatality was really the thing that kicked it off,” Abuelsamid said, referring to the slowing of the “accelerated hype curve” around autonomous vehicles.

As a result of this accident, Uber stopped testing for months and all autonomous vehicles were put under heavy scrutiny that still impacts the industry. 

“People are actually taking this problem more seriously,” Abuelsamid said. He added that many of the main players have acknowledged how challenging autonomous vehicles can be and have sought multibillion partnerships to ensure they are done right.

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