Maximizing Renewable Energy Usage with Advanced Analytics

In an Energy Central article, Guidehouse Insights shares how advancements in analytics can help utilities profitably stabilize the grid with wind and solar energy

As generating electric power from wind and the sun becomes more common, it is often necessary to curtail this power during peak times, resulting in power being discarded and millions of dollars of potential profits lost. 

In an Energy Central article, Bill Hughes, principal research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, explained how advanced data analytics can help planners coordinate sustainable resources more efficiently, saving energy, and money.  

Hughes outlined four ways advanced data analytics can help address power curtailment:

  1. Better predict how much power wind and solar will be produced and when
  2. Produce more accurate load planning to forecast how much power will be needed throughout the day
  3. Apply proper coordination based on advanced analytics to properly time the generation, battery power charging and discharging, and loads of energy storage project
  4. Coordinate distributed energy resources

“Sophisticated tools are required to ensure that individual components of the power solution do not just shift power from one spot to another with no net benefit to anyone,” Hughes said. “Instead, tools must enable an increased use of renewable power.”

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