Power Sector Prepares for Future of Energy

In a Zpryme article, Guidehouse Insights shares results, key trends, industry disruptors, and takeaways from the annual Pulse of the Industry survey

For the fifth consecutive year, Guidehouse and Public Utilities Fortnightly released findings from the Pulse of the Industry survey. More than 400 utility, regulatory commission, manufacturing, and energy service company professionals shared their views on the state and future of the power industry. 

In an article for Zpryme, Jessie Mehrhoff, research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, discussed this year’s survey results and what it means for the future of the power industry.   

“Utilities today face significantly more disruption than at any point in the past five years the survey has been conducted,” Mehrhoff said. 

She explained that these changes point to the emergence of the Energy Cloud, where two-way energy flows support more sustainability, innovation, and agility for all stakeholders across an increasing networked system. 

Mehrhoff outlined four megatrends the power industry is seeing as a result of these changes:

  1. Greater penetration of clean energy
  2. Proliferation of distributed energy resources 
  3. Increased digitization of the grid
  4. Greater integration of mobility

“As the industry evolves toward the Energy Cloud, existing challenges will intensify as new obstacles emerge,” Mehrhoff said. “Nevertheless, disruptive forces are only intensifying across the industry and utilities will need to remain aggressive in adopting more nimble and flexible products and solutions.”

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