Standardizing Automated Vehicle Data

In a Bloomberg article, Guidehouse Insights explains why investigators need to have direct access to automated vehicle data after an accident

Two recent Tesla crashes have revealed an issue with recorded data for investigators. For years, traditional vehicles have been outfitted with a data recorder that logs information needed to put together a crash sequence, however, automated driving data is now only accessible by vehicle manufacturers.

In a Bloomberg article, Guidehouse Insights’ Sam Abuelsamid, principal research analyst, discussed why investigators having to go to manufacturers for this information is a problem.

“We should not ever have to rely on the manufacturer to translate this sort of data, because they are potentially liable for product defects and they have an inherent conflict of interest,” Abuelsamid said.

He explained how a standard method should be adopted that determines what control modes are active in lead up to the crash. 

“As we deploy more vehicles with these partial automation systems, it should be mandatory to record information about the state of automation and the driver,” Abuelsamid said.

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