Taking Advantage of Energy as a Service

In an Energy Central article, Guidehouse Insights explains the challenges and opportunities energy as a service offers energy service companies

Energy as a service (EaaS) projects are rapidly gaining popularity across industries. This is because Eaas enables clients to focus on their core business rather than auxiliary functions like energy management.

In an Energy Central article, Guidehouse Insights’ Sasha Wedekind, research analyst discussed the challenges and opportunities EaaS creates.

“EaaS solutions now touch every major segment traditional to energy savings performance contracting (ESPC),” Wedekind said. “As a result, energy service companies (ESCOs) that primarily focus on ESPC are challenged to compete with turnkey energy offerings provided by competitors.”

Therefore, Wedekind believes, vendors who recognize core competencies and create partnerships and strategies to amplify solution offering capabilities are best positioned to become market leaders.

“New business models centered around EaaS can help ESCOs engage customers not well served by traditional ESPC contracts, such as commercial clients, and broaden options for existing clients seeking customizable solutions to address their energy needs,” Wedekind said. 

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