The Rise of Distributed Natural Gas Generation

In a POWER article, Guidehouse Insights discusses global market capacity and revenue for DNGG technologies

Diesel still reigns as the global leader in distributed power generation, but stricter emissions regulations have paved the way for distributed natural gas generation (DNGG) to further integrate into the market.

In an article for POWERShayne Willette, research analyst with Guidehouse Insights, a Guidehouse company, explores the global growth potential of DNGG.

“The key market driver for DNGG technologies is demand for compact, resilient, dispatchable power—a phenomenon that has remained relatively constant for many decades”, wrote Willette. “Reliability is especially critical as climate change drives up the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events in both developed and developing countries.”

Guidehouse Insights expects the DNGG market to reach $6 billion in annual revenue and roughly 18,000 MW of annual capacity additions by 2028.

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