Understanding the Next Generation of Integrated Demand Side Management

In a Public Utilities Fortnightly roundtable, Guidehouse discusses how utilities can build on today’s integrated demand side management programs to deliver more benefits

Guidehouse’s Sharon Mullen, senior consultant, recently sat down with Public Utilities Fortnightly and a panel of other industry experts to discuss the state of integrated demand side management (iDSM).

Mullen said that because utilities are focused on improved resiliency, carbon reduction, and the absorption of customer-installed renewables, iDSM must extend beyond the basic integration of energy efficiency and demand response. 

She proposed the concept of iDSM 2.0, the integration of two or more behind the meter demand-side management resources, including renewables such as PV, storage, electric vehicles, and dynamic pricing, as well as traditional energy efficiency and demand response. 

“Utilities have a vested interest in improving resiliency, deferring infrastructure expenses, addressing various carbon mandates and serving their customers as cost effectively as possible,” Mullen said.  “So why not leverage, promote, and utilize these multiple programs more effectively and efficiently.”

Read the Full Interview on Public Utilities Fortnightly
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