Using Wind Energy to Meet California’s Climate Goals

In a report for the California Energy Commission, Guidehouse examines opportunities for offshore wind energy

California’s Senate Bill 100 (SB100) expanded California’s clean electricity goals to  60% renewable electricity by 2030 and 100% renewable and zero carbon electricity by 2045. The state’s oceans hold energy resources that could play a key role in helping to meet these goals, however, technological, logistical, and financial challenges present barriers. 

In partnership with the California Energy Commission (CEC), Guidehouse produced a 112-page report, Research and Development Opportunities for Offshore Wind Energy in California, outlining potential research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) opportunities to remove or reduce technological, manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain barriers for offshore wind. 

Guidehouse used a five-step research approach to identify 11 recommendations to promote offshore wind development in California:

  1. Expand and advance technologies for mooring, cabling, and anchoring
  2. Develop technologies to ease operation and maintenance in extreme wind and wave conditions, including remote monitoring and robotic maintenance
  3. Develop technical solutions to integrate offshore wind to the grid, including facilitating technologies like green hydrogen and subsea storage
  4. Develop approaches to use and optimize existing supply chain and manufacturing or assembly solutions in California
  5. Study the seismic vulnerability of floating platform mooring and anchoring systems
  6. Conduct a comprehensive study on port infrastructure in California and develop technical solutions to identified gaps
  7. Conduct additional wind resource studies offshore of California
  8. Develop technologies to reduce wildlife impacts, including smart curtailment and deterrence
  9. Expand state-led environmental studies along the California coast to fill gaps in existing research
  10. Assess the offshore wind installed capacity that complements solar generation and is feasible
  11. Conduct a comprehensive study on the total value proposition of offshore wind development, including grid and macroeconomic benefits

The CEC will use the information from Guidehouse’s report to inform its future energy RD&D investments directed toward offshore wind.

Download the Full CEC Research and Development Opportunities for Offshore Wind Energy Report

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