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In an interview for Morning Briefing POTUS, Guidehouse discusses how governments and corporations can adapt to the energy transformation

In an interview with Tim Farley, the host of Morning Briefing POTUS, Guidehouse’s Jan Vrins, leader of Guidehouse’s global Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure segment, discussed leading trends in the energy industry. 

Vrins said both governments and the private sector need to work on addressing climate change.

“I think there is a big role for both. At the level of international and federal, more and more, we see states and cities really stepping up around addressing climate change and sustainability, but they have to work together with the private sector,” Vrins said. “They have to work together with the energy companies, with the car manufacturers…they have to work together with large corporations that also want to help reduce their carbon footprints.”

He also discussed how the current relationship between energy providers and customers is changing. Vrins said it is moving from the traditional model of one central power station to a more decentralized energy system where consumers are becoming prosumers, both taking and contributing energy to the grid. 

He added that the energy transformation will require new policies, regulations, and technology to help people and corporations adapt to this new energy system.

“This will be a long transition. This is not an overnight change, and technology will continue to evolve, and I think as long as we make progress…this will recontribute to decarbonizing not only the energy industry, but also the other industries,” Vrins said. “These challenges will continue to play out over the next decade or two.”

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