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Beyond the Electron: Season 2

In the second season, Guidehouse discusses key trends affecting the utility industry. 

 Guidehouse’s podcast series “Beyond the Electron: The Energy Cloud,”  provides an in-depth look at the rapid transformation of the global energy   system. One-way, linear power flow from centralized generation to end customers is being replaced by a more sustainable, digitized, and dynamic   energy ecosystem. Presented in partnership with Utility Dive, the second season of the podcast explores key trends facing the energy industry. If  you missed the first season of the podcast, catch up on season one, which provides an in-depth look at the rapid transformation of the global  energy system. 



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We see financial transactions, data transactions taking place at the edge of the grid at increasing frequency. So the Energy Cloud is not just an electricity story, but bringing in multi-directional value flows that go beyond electricity.

Mackinnon Lawrence
Director in Guidehouse's Global Energy Practice
Head of Guidehouse Insights



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