Common Approaches to Decarbonization Help Companies Navigate Internal and External Barriers

In an article for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Guidehouse explains how companies can tackle internal and external barriers to sustainability

Expectations from customers, investors, and regulators have made the decarbonization of global organizations a core business function. However, many internal and external barriers that must be overcome to make progress require expertise to navigate.

In an article for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Britt Harter,  partner and sustainability solutions lead at Guidehouse, explores critical challenges facing firms wanting to reach net zero, such as leveraging data, reducing emissions in the supply chain, and obtaining financing, and proposes solutions that foster cost savings and efficiency.

“While the specific actions and strategies to decarbonize may be different across industries, common themes, needs, and approaches allow organizations to follow leading practices to increase the efficiency of their progress,” explained Harter.

The article explains how good data is critical for those new to decarbonization and those at the forefront. Furthermore, Harter explains that for most firms, up to 80 percent of their emissions come from their supply chains, and that costs associated with decarbonization have become a key consideration.

“Whether a firm is new to decarbonization or has been active for a decade or more, the tools and approaches to help them move forward on their journey exist,” Harter said. “We know where we need to go on decarbonization, and it’s time to start making real progress.”

Britt Harter, Partner

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