Energy as a Service Solutions Simplify the Complexity of Sustainability and Operational Efficiency Goals

During a podcast with Envisioneering Exchange, Guidehouse Insights discusses how different energy as a service models offer building owners and energy supply vendors flexibility without risk

The energy as a service (EaaS) market is growing as building owners and energy supply vendors look for economical, flexible, and comprehensive solutions that produce energy savings and transfer project risk without CAPEX to meet sustainability and operational efficiency needs.

In a podcast interview with Envisioneering Exchange, Sasha Wedekind, senior research analyst with Guidehouse Insights, says that as the EaaS market matures, the outsourcing of energy portfolios and turnkey vendors with a comprehensive set of technical, financing, and deployment model options offers building owners and energy supply vendors advantages.

“Complexity is the number one driver for this market,” Wedekind said. “There are so many different technologies available now in addition to the sustainability commitments that companies are increasingly making—it’s a very complex landscape to manage. Turning to a vendor to completely outsource your whole energy operation is very appealing.”

In the interview, Wedekind discusses some of today’s most innovative EaaS projects, which incorporate many different technologies, such as efficiency upgrades along with onsite energy supply, demand response, and EV charging.

“I think this is where the future of the market really lies,” Wedekind said. “Many companies are realizing the opportunity to move toward turnkey, integrated solution offerings that align with sustainability mandates.”

Listen to the Envisioneering Exchange Podcast
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