ESG Helps Healthcare Organizations Accomplish Quality Patient Care and Decarbonization

In an article for Environment + Energy Leader, Guidehouse explains how a robust ESG approach that includes a climate action plan (CAP) addresses the sustainability challenges that impact global health

ESG-related issues have often been peripheral to the core undertakings of patient care and organizational survival in the healthcare industry. However, as a major source of carbon emissions, healthcare organizations must now address their role in decarbonization to create healthier communities, support at-risk populations, and drive medical innovations.

In an article for Environment + Energy Leader, Guidehouse experts Britt Harter and Derek Rushing, explain how a five-step climate action plan (CAP) backed by science and designed to meet the organization’s specific goals removes the complexity surrounding financing, resources, and impact.

Creating a robust CAP relies heavily on technical planning and an understanding of the organization’s norms and systems,” said Britt Harter, Guidehouse’s Sustainability lead and partner in the firm’s Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure (ES&I) segment. “But it is also essential to create a connection with the organization’s stakeholders that resonates and can drive momentum and excitement for the move toward a more sustainable future.”

The article outlines the five steps in a well-designed CAP: creating a baseline, developing an ESG and climate goals strategy, planning abatement and execution actions, implementing plans as part of operations and communications, and tracking results through reporting to identify where improvements are needed.

While these undertakings are complex and require long-term investments to create impacts such as new energy consumption patterns, increased energy efficiency, green fleets and buildings, and transformations in human behavior, the rise in ESG capital and other incentives can make the transition financially attainable.

“The challenge of implementing a sustainability program may seem daunting, but the risks and the rewards, like unique opportunities to harness new technologies, engage the workforce, deliver savings, and increase resilience are too significant to ignore,” said Derek Rushing, director in Guidehouse's Health segment.

Britt Harter, Partner

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