Partnerships Are Pushing Automated Vehicles Forward

In an interview with the Associated Press, Guidehouse Insights says partnerships like GM and Microsoft’s are advancing self-driving technology

General Motors and Microsoft recently announced that they’re teaming up to accelerate the rollout of electric, self-driving cars. The companies said Microsoft’s Azure cloud and edge computing platform will be used to help commercialize automated vehicle solutions at scale.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Sam Abuelsamid, principal research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, said Microsoft’s ability to analyze data from vehicles can help improve automated driving technology.

According to the article, the partnership is one of many among auto companies and tech companies that have banded together to spread out the large costs and risks of developing automated and electric vehicles. 

While the technology continues to progress, Abuelsamid said mass adoption and profits are not expected soon.

“The reality is that the automated driving landscape is taking much longer to mature than had been anticipated a few years ago,” he said. “It’s probably going to be mid-decade before we start to see significant volumes of these vehicles.”

For more information on the automated driving market, see Abuelsamid’s Guidehouse Insights report, Market Data: Automated Driving Vehicles.

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