Beyond the Electron: Storm Protection

In season 2, episode 1 of the podcast series, Guidehouse takes a closer look at storm protection plans and hardening the grid

Guidehouse's podcast series “Beyond the Electron: The Energy Cloud,” provides an in-depth look at the rapid transformation of the global energy system. Season 2, episode 1 examines storm protection plans and hardening the grid. The world is seeing an increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters.

With 22 separate billion-dollar weather and natural disaster events in the US in 2020, the utilities industry faces enormous challenges and responsibilities in responding. Understanding how to devise and implement an effective storm protection plan to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of electricity involves more than just hardening equipment. Presented in partnership with Utility Dive, the podcast explores the makeup of an effective storm protection plan to improve grid resilience. In this episode, Hector Artze, partner at Guidehouse, and Barry Anderson, regional senior vice president for customer delivery for Duke Energy in Florida, also discuss the importance of involving regulators, customers, and other stakeholders in the process of adding resilience to grid assets.

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