Driving Equity and Achieving Climate Goals Through Community Energy Projects

In an article for the Energy Intel Magazine, Guidehouse explains the advantages of investing in community projects

The disparity between the rich and poor in developed countries is being widened by energy-related issues, as rising energy prices, energy generation from fossil fuels, and lack of access to energy efficiency resources negatively affect poorer people.

In an article for the Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP) Energy Intel Magazine, Gemma La Guardia, consultant at Guidehouse, discusses how technology can help drive the clean energy transition equitably. As the use of energy storage technologies and renewables ramps up, the article explains that there is a need to invest in a manner that adds value to communities. 

“Community energy projects can provide a plethora of different benefits to the community,” said La Guardia. “Community projects have the potential to both achieve climate goals and alleviate poverty.”

The article describes some of the direct benefits these projects can have on communities, from providing monetary benefits and job creation to promoting education, accelerating decarbonization goals, and strengthening the sense of community. 

“We have the opportunity to both wean ourselves off fossil fuels and provide a more equitable future for everyone,” added La Guardia. 

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