Addressing Environmental Consequences of Delivering Carbon-Based Energy to North Americans

Guidehouse is helping Enbridge achieve GHG reductions in line with the recommendations of the IPCC and the goals of the Paris Accord

Guidehouse, in partnership with Enbridge, published a report that focuses on reducing GHG emissions by modernizing and applying innovation to existing energy transportation and distribution systems to increase efficiency and reduce emissions intensity to existing infrastructure. Part of this decarbonization strategy focuses on liquids and gas transmission pipeline rights-of-way that they are actively developing and executing on to “self-power” – building and operating renewable power generation facilities to power their assets with clean electricity. 

Another part of the portfolio focuses on procuring solar self-power projects and advocating for policies that decarbonize the power grid. Policy advocacy is a key component in supporting the implementation of cost-effective policies to reduce the carbon footprint of the electricity grid. Additionally, investment in lower-carbon infrastructure and business lines, including wind and solar power generation, hydrogen and renewable natural gas will be crucial in helping meet their carbon reduction goals.
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