Utility CEO on Transformation Priorities

Portland General Electric CEO Maria Pope joins Public Utilities Fortnightly and Guidehouse for discussion

Nearly half of Oregonians receive their electric service from Portland General Electric, with around three-quarters of the state’s commercial and industrial activity also being within its service territory. PGE has ambitious goals, not the least of which is reducing 80% of its carbon-dioxide emissions by the year 2030 and 100% by 2040. PGE is well on the way to meet those targets, through the closing of the Boardman coal-fired power plant, a recent request for proposals that has shortlisted thirteen offerings of solar, wind, battery, and pumped storage capacity, the green future impact initiative for customer-supplied solar and wind capacity, and so on.

Leading this charge is CEO Maria Pope, who joined Public Utilities Fortnightly (PUF) and Chris Rogers, partner at Guidehouse, for a discussion. The conversation focused on the current state of the utilities industry and the challenges it faces, PGE's strategic initiatives, and Pope's perspective on the opportunities and challenges brought on by the rapid culture shift. Read the interview to learn more. 

This article is part of a series of interviews with Western states utility CEOs that Guidehouse is conducting with PUF; the first interview can be found here

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