Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON) Report

Guidehouse and 11 partner organizations support municipalities, schools, and national governments in the transition to climate neutrality

Transformative action is required to mitigate climate change and meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the targets set by the EU’s climate and energy framework for 2030. The EU Green Deal is Europe’s strategy for a carbon-neutral transformation supported by substantial funding to support and accelerate this process, including from the Next Generation EU fund, the historical stimulus package for the recovery after the coronavirus pandemic. Now, climate action needs to be enhanced across all levels of governance to meet these mid- and long-term targets.

Led by Guidehouse and with the support of the project’s 11 partners, the Bridging European and Local Climate Action (BEACON) project provides in-country and cross-border joint learning and networking opportunities, as well as needs-based advisory services. As a result, policymakers, local leaders, educators, and students gained technical and process-related skills that helped them develop, refine, and implement measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

The BEACON project’s report, From Ideas to Action: Supporting Municipalities, Schools, and National Governments in the Transition to Climate Neutrality, provides an overview of the successes and learnings of the project, highlighting how schools and municipalities across Europe have created impact in the BEACON project.

As outlined in the report, the following overarching success factors played a key role in the BEACON project:

  • Cross-border dialogue facilitated mutual learning, collaboration, and a sense of common identity
  • Sustained project support over three years helped build robust networks, accompanying the implementation of concrete projects and build capacities 
  • Tailored support, flexibility, and innovation helped maximize BEACON’s effectiveness
  • Vertical collaboration helped close gaps in communication and collaboration amongst national, regional, and local decision makers 
  • Knowledge of local partners organization allowed for effective engagement with local stakeholders and tailored support


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