Using RNG to Meet Voluntary Greenhouse Gas Targets

In a report for the Coalition of Natural Gas, Guidehouse shares how organizations can leverage RNG to advance their decarbonization goals

Renewable natural gas (RNG), also known as biomethane, is a commercially available, low-carbon fuel that has many applications in today's energy transition and a role to play in corporate decarbonization strategies. Produced by capturing methane released by decomposing organic wastes, it is currently the cheapest and most scalable form of renewable gas available. The use of RNG can reduce carbon emissions from assets that use natural gas as a fuel source with few or no equipment upgrades, making it a reliable alternative, carbon-neutral fuel.

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas (GHG) having a significantly greater negative impact on the climate than carbon dioxide. Capturing this methane, which would otherwise escape into the atmosphere, and using it for beneficial purposes reduces its climate impact. Beyond its ability to eliminate fossil CO2 emissions from energy and other industrial processes, RNG also promotes fuel security, local economic benefits, air and water quality improvements, and broader application of circular economy solutions.1

In a new white paper published by the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas2, Guidehouse outlines how organizations can leverage RNG in their sustainability journey to meet voluntary GHG targets, including how RNG is produced, its climate and sustainability impacts; how it can be utilized in day-to-day operations; and how it can be procured. This white paper highlights the following:

  • What is RNG?
  • The Sustainability Impact of RNG
  • How RNG Can Help You Meet Your Sustainability Goals
  • How RNG Fits into the Decarbonization Taxonomy
  • How RNG Can Decarbonize Hard-to-Decarbonize Sectors
  • Considerations for Purchase


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