A Conversation with Alma Angotti

Fridays With Fintelekt Podcast

Fintelekt is a specialist in research, training and advisory services in Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Terrorist Financing. In their latest Fridays with Fintelekt episode, our Alma M. Angotti shares:

  • Learnings from her long career spanning regulation, advisory and law enforcement
  • The ‘tone from the top’, building a culture of AML/CFT compliance, and reinforcing this across levels within the organization
  • Understanding where the breakdown in compliance usually happens
  • The challenges that regulators are facing and what might be required to create a more effective system bearing in mind recent incidents such as the FINCEN leaks
  • Systemic deficiencies caused by current regulatory approaches at financial intelligence units and possible solutions
  • Best practices that banks and other reporting entities should follow when dealing with regulators and law enforcement agencies
  • Advice to the compliance community to ensure that they can still be effective and efficient at their jobs. 


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