Making Sense of ESG - Corporate Enterprises

Webinar with Clifford Chance

Guidehouse, in partnership with Clifford Chance recently hosted the webcast, Making Sense of ESG – Corporate Enterprises


Environmental, social and corporate governance factors vary by company and industry. For corporations, assessing environmental impact, committing to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, and enhancing transparency, could all be important areas of focus. However, tackling these issues piecemeal doesn’t guarantee your success. It's about incorporating these principles – and more – into your strategy and operations to ensure that you're ready for whatever tomorrow brings. A successful ESG program can help companies gain access to large pools of capital, strengthen their brand, and foster long-term growth.


Topics of discussion include:

  • Supply chain management (environment and human rights due diligence)
  • Developments around carbon-offsetting and the move towards “net-zero”
  • Meeting and measuring diversity and inclusion
  • Shareholder activism and resolutions on climate change
  • Regulatory issues

Check out this in-depth discussion with our Ellen Zimiles and Jan-Willem Bode on the challenges and benefits in transforming your business through ESG.

If you actually start looking at how you decarbonize your supply chain, you really need to start looking at innovative financial solutions that combine investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy with actually the generation of those carbon credits and transferring those to the brands in order to hit that.

Jan-Willem Bode,  Partner Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure segment at Guidehouse

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