The Crypto Explosion – Crime Financing and the Looming Threat for the Financial System

Webinar with AyasdiAI

The explosive adoption of “trustless” networks, digital currencies, assets and their associated commerce has created a perfect environment for innovative and difficult to combat crime funding mechanisms. It is evident that the effect of these digital currencies will continue to present a challenge for financial institutions as criminals exploit these vehicles to commit fraudulent activity. 

Guidehouse, in partnership with AyasdiAI recently hosted the webinar Crypto Explosion. We provided a comprehensive outline and explanation on the various types of cryptocurrencies and the major pitfalls for financial institutions (FIs). We also discussed the techniques, challenges and tools that FIs can leverage that create transparency and empower them to better understand and mitigate the attacks.

We see that fraud indicators are often causal for money laundering as the same with internal collusion as the same with tax evasion, to look at these as separate crimes is incorrect, to look at these as causal relationships within organized malfeasance creates significantly more opportunity to identify crime.

Simon Moss, CEO of Symphony AyasdiAI

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