Sanctions Monitorship

Global Investigations Review (GIR) Guide to Monitorships - 3rd Edition

The issuance and structure of sanctions monitorships is often similar to other types of monitorships. Regulators and law enforcement agencies are increasingly reliant on independent monitorships as part of enforcement actions following the identification of misconduct or potential corporate crime. The specific nature of sanctions laws and regulations, the binary context of sanctions compliance, the technology systems required to maintain compliance, inconsistencies across geographies and the evolving financial landscape, are unique factors that require specific attention. 

GIR’s The Guide to Monitorships - 3rd Edition provides articles written by contributors with first-hand experience working with or as monitors. The Guide discusses key issues, from every stakeholder’s perspective, making it an invaluable resource for anyone interested in understanding or practicing in the area. In this chapter, our experts Ellen Zimiles, Patrick McArdle, Steven McCarthy and Jeremy Robb sets forth the legal and historical context of sanctions monitorships, recent enforcement actions, the regulatory bodies and other influential organizations involved in the issuance and enforcement of sanctions laws, and specific challenges for institutions placed under a sanctions monitorship.

The whole publication is available on the GIR website.

Special thanks to Jeremy Robb for co-authoring this article.

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