The Asset Management CCO: Elevating Their Role and Preparing for the Future

Hampered by accelerated fee pressures, declining assets under management, regulatory scrutiny, and disruptive technologies, the asset management industry continues to be challenged. Tomorrow’s strategic chief compliance officer (CCO) is poised to help deliver long-term value to the organization in this transformative environment. This forward-looking CCO understands and can drive the organization’s long-term vision, play a key role in designing a more efficient operating model, and push the collaboration necessary to manage enterprise-level projects across disparate disciplines.

To become this value driver, the forward-looking CCO must elevate from the siloed compliance support function that delivers short-term tactical regulatory remediation to a strategic stakeholder that is a key component of transformational initiatives. While asset managers continue to place big bets on leveraging big data to forge customer relationships and deploying front-to-back automation capabilities, the CCO is charged with balancing innovation and compliance with local and global regulations.

What steps can be taken to elevate the role of the asset management CCO?


Special thanks to Brian Karp, who contributed to this article.

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