Joseph Campbell Responds to the US College Bribery Scandal

Bloomberg TV Interview

A nationwide scandal has exposed 50 accused individuals, from Hollywood stars to CEOs, of participating in an admission scheme at major universities. Individuals were paying bribes to get their children into the school, to cheat on admission tests, and to falsify athletic abilities. The admission system could be altered in the future with these new investigations that are taking place.

Joseph Cambell, director in Guidehouse's global investigations and compliance practice and former FBI agent, was interviewed by Bloomberg and shared his insights on this scandal. When asked about the academic institutions’ role in this type of situation, Campbell stated, “I think it really goes back to the ideas of a strong compliance program and strong internal controls.”

Joseph Campbell Bloomberg Interview

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This was all covert, and that’s why it’s a racketeering conspiracy. The payments were concealed. Where the money was coming from was concealed. Who it was actually being paid to was concealed.

Joseph Campbell
Director, Global Investigations and Compliance 

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